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Meet Daniele

Author, Coach, Leader

With over two decades of experience, Daniele has empowered countless individuals to enhance their lives. He possesses a remarkable ability to actively and empathetically listen. Daniele creates a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can freely express themselves, feel understood, and valued. The contagious joy and passion he brings to coaching and training provide an enriching and inspiring experience, whether clients are embarking on a coaching journey or pursuing personal development goals.

Daniele Davi - Coach Author Leader

As an accomplished author, life coach, and leader, Daniele's daily focus revolves around nurturing personal growth. He seamlessly integrates a diverse skill set, ranging from creative thinking to coaching, empathetic listening, writing, and artistic abilities.

Having held roles such as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Agile Transformation Lead, as well as Chief Technology and Transformation Officer, Daniele's journey includes fostering high-performing teams and driving successful transformations. As a Senior Executive, he has cultivated a growth mindset and honed analytical thinking, allowing a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach to challenges.

Beyond leadership roles, Daniele is a dedicated advocate for teams, career builders, and aspiring leaders, designing and delivering impactful training initiatives. His passion lies in partnering with individuals to unlock their full potential and guide them toward achieving their aspirations.

20+ years
of professional experience
25+ Licences and Certifications
in the last 7 years
7+ years
of team coaching and one to one coaching
people helped

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Kind Words of Appreciation

Read what my clients are saying about my work and how it changed their life.

"Daniele is an exceptional coach with a remarkable ability to listen actively and empathetically.
His coaching approach centers on asking powerful and thought-provoking questions. He guides you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and goals deeply and in unique ways.
His questions allow you to gain clarity on your objectives. "

- Anne -

"Daniele is empathetic and understanding, and he also holds you accountable for your commitments and actions, which ensures that you stay on track.
He helps you to see even the smallest of wins, which boosts your confidence and motivation. He always encourages you to continue your personal and professional growth journey.
Daniele provides constructive feedback and offers insights and suggestions in a supportive manner, helping you to identify areas for improvement without feeling criticized.
I loved working with Daniele and recommend him highly."

- Sophie -

"I really enjoyed the environment Daniele immediately created which enabled me to open my thoughts and mind to then make a step in the direction I chose.
Daniele has a special way to listen, help you deconstruct a set of muddled thoughts, and guide you to an outcome that you choose.
I highly recommend Daniele if you're seeking a Professional Coach, he also has significant agile coaching experience which helps those wanting to grow in the Lean-Agile spaces too. "

- Haroon -

"Daniele created a safe and non-judgmental space where I could freely express myself. I felt understood and valued.
Daniele helped me through challenging aspects of relationships, career happiness, and creating clarity around a specific life goal.
He allowed me to see my choices and my future in different ways. I experienced changes in the way I approached different areas of my life. "

- A.S.R. -

"I confidently recommend Daniele as a coach.
His outstanding listening skills, ability to challenge and explore scenarios, and high-level capacity to navigate through any topic with you make him an invaluable asset.
Daniele's excels in assessing scenarios, proposing insightful solutions, and foreseeing possible outcomes for any challenge.
He is truly exceptional and highly recommended for anyone seeking transformative coaching."

- Andrew -

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